Cinnamon Use for Diabetes

Diabtes epidemic is increasing world wide and estimated about 347 millions diagnosed with type 2 Daibetes( Non Insulin Depenedent Diabetes Mellitus ) which is the most prevalent form of Diabetes. The associated medical costs of complications, mortaility, treatment and management associated with Diabtes is skyorcketing . There is an old natural remedy( Cinnamon) that is getting more and more attention recently to be included in the treatment and control and even prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. Research including data from recent Clinical Trials have shown that regular consuption of Cinnamon is associated with a statstically significant decrease in the levels of fasting glucose, improve good cholestrerol HDL, reduce total and bad cholesterol LDL, lowers Triglycerides and other markers of Metablic syndrome.

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Authored by: Adel Eldin, MD FACC FACP, MBA, GGA